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Reach out about all things VR in education, that are feasible, pragmatic, practical, and above all... sensible

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We are a small, nimble team, ready to get you started in VR, able to field questions about the connection between VR and education, and capable of finding the help, support and answers you are looking for.

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Dave Dolan

Dave has been teaching for over 30 years and holds a Masters in TESOL. After establishing an English school in Japan in 1993, his interests grew towards using technology to best serve the needs of students. He has worked in the development of digital books, LMSs and VR. Rather than following trends like app development and ePubs, Dave has looked outside the box for real solutions for real-world, educational needs. From library subscription needs in Japan, to bringing technology to a small, rural school in Kenya via an inexpensive, Raspberry Pi, the key is cost effectiveness, well-produced educational materials, and viability. Dave brings that same approach to virtual reality. Bridging the gap between technology and the classroom will always be Dave's focus. Hailing from Canada and based in Japan, he ensures that educational needs remain a focus, first and always.

With respect to VR, Dave has been in this industry since 2017. He assisted in the creation of the STEM modules created by Veative VR (now defunct), as well as their virtual tours. With a strong language learning background, he speaheaded the introduction of a derivative ELL course, created by an Asian company, into the platform, with the help and guidance of Dr. Andy Curtis. With deep connections to, and working relationships with, many of the leading companies within the realm of VR in education, Dave has a unique position within this sector. Some of the companies he has consulted, worked with, or built a rapport with include:

There are many more. The point is that no one can work in a silo within this industry, as content, hardware, platform, and management of all of these pieces needs to work in harmony. As a decades-long resident of Japan, Dave has a deep sense of the concept of harmony... 和 (wa).

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Sensible-VR has a singular mission of ensuring that you learn how to critically judge the various options in the market, and get the most out of your learning dollars. Our mission is to bring real educational value to schools. VR should be about connecting students with concepts, connecting teachers with students, and connecting districts with useful data and analytics. Hopefully, soon, this will all make sense

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